Please contact the reference desk to arrange proctoring at 503-644-0043 x114 or
Fee for test proctoring: $25 per session.

pencils-smallCedar Mill Community Library reference librarians may proctor exams provided the following criteria are met:

  • Fee(s) for proctoring exams must be paid at the time of testing. Fee(s) can be paid by cash or check.
  • The proctoring fee is assessed per session. One session can include multiple exams.
  • All proctoring must be pre-arranged. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the librarian and arrange for a time to take the test. The student may call to verify the exam has arrived; however, most often librarians will call the student and confirm testing arrangements as soon as the exam arrives.
  • Students must use their own laptops for online exams. Tests may not be taken on library computers due to software limitations.
  • We cannot guarantee that the library will be quiet and free of distractions.
  • The library requires the student to present photo ID at the time of testing.
  • The student (and his/her institution) must understand and agree that, due to limited staffing resources, the proctor usually will not be able to remain in the room with the student during the test. It is the student’s responsibility to inform his school or institution of this restriction.
  • The proctor will receive the testing materials, verify student ID, open and present the exam per instructions provided by the testing institution, and monitor time limit(s). After the exam, the proctor will gather all testing materials, complete the proctor affidavit, and return these materials to the testing institution.
  • The library will not do any faxing of exams.
  • The student must provide (or ensure that the testing institution provides) stamped and addressed mailing envelopes for returning the completed exam to the institution. Exceptions: If the exam is to be returned by FedEx, it is the student’s responsibility to deliver it to a shipping place or box. The librarian can sign his/her name across the envelope’s flap to ensure security.
  • If the exam is to be mailed out via Express Mail, it is the student’s responsibility to provide an Express Mail envelope. The librarian will insert the exam in the envelope, sign across the envelope’s flap to ensure security, and give to the student to take to the post office.
  • If an exam request becomes too staff intensive, or if the testing institution’s guidelines do not fit with ours, or if the institution requires personal information from the proctor (such as Social Security Number), the library can, at any time, decline to proctor the exam.


Other local proctoring options:

Hillsboro Public Library
Sherwood Public Library
Multnomah County Library
Portland State University
Clackamas Community College
Mount Hood Community College
Sylvan Learning
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